Who we are?

Social and technological innovation project created jointly by two companies Technology North (Alberta, Ca) and Hydralab (Jalisco, Mex). Using TN Active Care platform allows administrative management, therapeutic monitoring and training for adults in the spectrum autism condition, to work in socially responsible organizations.

Vision and Mission

Using the software TN Active Care, the main objective is to create an inclusive employment model for adults on the spectrum or asperger able to work, going through difficulties finding employment on a traditional environment.

masBility is dedicated to:

Why we are different

Facilitate the recruitment process, selection and monitoring work activities.

The treatment system, training and work plan will be united in one place (software masBility) with easy and quick access.

Create individual care plans and (annual, monthly and daily) work with specific activities that may be followed from mobile and web applications operated by the staff.

Generate real-time reports by quickly capture data.

Technology for everyone

We want to get where you are: user friendly web interface, mobile app iOS- android, iOS iPad and smart watch wearables. Adapted to all necessities.

Planned Activities

Once the software is developed at first draft, the next steps will be:

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Develop the initial pilot program and software.

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Establish the first demonstration site and continue software and program development.

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Establish external review panel and pre-registration for licensing program.

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Establish second demonstration site using a general approach an the how to manuals.

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External independent review and feedback.

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Begin licensing the program and rollout.


If you are interested to register in our program , please complete this form of pre -registration to be considered a candidate :

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